Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Shapecrows

I really wanted to make scarecrows with the kids but couldn't find something I LOVED or that didn't invovle cutting out to much or was to difficult for a group of kids with all different ages...
Then I saw a scarecrow on pinterest and thought hey its made of shapes, shapes are always easy to cut out, so I guess my idea came from pinterest (imagine that).
We didn't call these scarecrows but instead we called them shapecrows!
I really wanted to make something and then have the kids make the same thing by looking at mine.  I was sooo impressed with what the kids were able to do.  The oldest did it with NO help!!  As the age of the child got younger they needed more help but for the most part they were able to look at the model and figure out what was next!  They turned out awesome, and the kids really enjoyed this project!
Funny story before we get to the pics, but I told the kids it was time to clean up and that after clean up time we would do a craft!  They all looked at me like "whats a craft?"  So then I said its like a project!  to which they picked up as fast as they could and off to "project time"!  I just love my group of  kids!!
Here are a few pics of the kids hard at work!!
the kids were bothered that my shapecrow didn't have straw coming out of his hat, so they of course all added the straw!  :)

We just love our happy little shapecrows!!

The shapes we used:
Head - Circle
Hat - Triangle, and rectangle
Body - Square
Arms - Rectangles
Legs - Rectangles
Straw - Tiny Rectangles

Hope everyone is having a happy relaxing weekend!!

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  1. I cut out all these pieces for shape scarecrows too and we still haven't got to use them! Do you think we could make Christmas scarecrows?? LOL!