Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Wreath

Simple, Easy, Cheap, and Fun!

If you like those things then hear is the "fall" craft for you!  Yu can obviously do so much more with it but we kept it simple! 
 I used a piece of large (scrapbook paper) cardstock, and cut the circles into it!
I also used a card stock for the shapes not because you need to but because I liked the "fall colors" I had.  And then I cut circles, squares, rectangles and triangles out of the paper.
I also had a little bit of each color left so I was able to cut out a couple leaves!
the piles! =)
 here are pics of the kiddos gluing on their pieces of papers and leaves!
 for the younger kids I did their glue but the older kids got to do their own glue!
here is one of the final products!  They turned out super cute and were a lot of fun to make!!

Other ideas would be cut out handprints, add glitter, make a bow for it, use real leaves, paint, and the list is endless!!

What are some of your favorite fall crafts?

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