Monday, November 28, 2011

The Final Turkey Projects

Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season has began (at least in this house it has), but I wanted to share 2 turkey projects before we began all our Christmas Projects!
The first one is our paper plate turkey
-although I just cut out circles on white paper because I was out of paper plates-
I then cut out another circle for the face and then some feathers and some feet.
The kiddos painted the body, drew the face, and glued on the feathers and feet!
Here is a pic of our beautiful turkeys!

the faces that they drew make me smile! 

Then we did the handprint turkey!
I don't think any explantion is needed for this :)

I let the older kids paint their own hands, and I painted the younger kids hands.
The older kids found that it was very hard to paint their hands but LOVED doing it!
The younger kids thought it was very tickly, and cold!

Finally we ended our Thanksgiving week with feather painting.
We painted using both sides of the feather, the tip and the "bigger end" 
I found the older kids enjoyed using the tip of the feather where the younger kids enjoyed using the bigger end of the feather. 

This is the last of our
"fall themed" its time to move on to Christmas/Winter!
We have a lot planned to come back for all of our exciting projects!

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