Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glue Paint

One of our most favorite "projects" is glue paint! 
I take bottles of glue and add a little paint into them for the color and let the kids squirt out whatever makes them happy!!  The kids love this!  Free range to fill up a whole paper full of glue paint when I am normally saying "remember just little dots is enough glue!" 
Here are a few pics of the kids hard at work!

 Its a GREAT fine motor activity for everyone to strengthen the muscles in their hands! 

lots of hard work!!  the kids loved this and each did 2!  I think they would ahve done more but time was up, glue paint was almost gone and only a few pieces of paper left!

Here are some photos of their projects!

I love who they turned out!  They dry a little darker and the color fades a little, but they also dry raised so it gives a very neat look!

That night , I had them all sitting on my counter drying (they took 24hrs to dry) my niece and nephew were over and also wanted to try it so I made some more glue paint and everyone got busy!

Kept everyone busy until it was time to go home or go to bed!  My daughter could have done this for HOURS!!!
Finally I leave you with this little man!  Today is his birthday!  He is the BIG O-N-E!!  I am sharing this because for the fisrt time in over 3 years of doing daycare I don't have a child under the age of 1!!  It will not be lasting very long but I will enjoy my "baby" free zone for a couple months!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. I'm bookmarking all of your ideas to do as the kids get older... love them! And in the meantime I think Dustin and I would even have fun doing some. Like the balloon one!