Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Crafts

First off I have to say that I honestly don't care that much for Halloween, but I do try to do a few crafts with the kiddos that are Halloweenish...  I always try to keep things simple but yet fun for the kiddos!  Hope you enjoy and are able to take a few of the ideas and use them with your children!

This first one isn't really "Halloween" but the kids thought it was because of the colors we used.

Pretty easy to do...black paper, white and orange paint and a couple balls and let the kids have fun!  I usually use an old pizza box but didn't have any so I did have to supervise a little more because I didn't want flying balls!
The next one is simple and the kids loved it because they are hanging from ribbions dangling above our heads..ewwwwwww!! :)
Trace the kids hands and cut it out including the thumb.  Glue one hand over the other and add some eyes!  The kids loved picking our their own eyes!  We have a whole house full of different colored eyes!
Our spiders hanging from their webs!  The babies love these!  espeically when they move (aka when I blow on them)
Finally we did this little number today! It was a favorite of the kids and they did turn out pretty cute!
I wish I had someone here to take photos of the babies when i did this because it was priceless!  oh well someday I will be able to hire a photographer to follow the daycare kids around and take pics :)
What are some things you do during this time of the year??

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  1. Oh I would have loved to see the baby footprint ghost I know they were adorable I just found your blog and love it I teach 6 week to twos and your activities are right up my alley thanks for shareing