Monday, October 3, 2011


Today I was inspired by flys!  I feel like there is always at least 1 fly in my kitchen driving me crazy!  So today as I was swatting at that fly I thought, it would be fun to swat paint with the fly swatter!
So we gathered up our stuff and headed outdoors for this activity!

The kids got to pick a couple colors and I just put a couple drops on the paper and let the kids slap away at the paint!

The kids found it easier to sit while they did this project.  I think they felt they had more control then when they were standing.

It made a pretty cool print and the kids had fun trying a new technique of painting!  I highly recommend this activity before the weather gets cold and you can't spend as much time outside!

After the kids painted till we ran out of paper I needed to get the paint out of the cement.  So I got a warm bucket of water and a scrub brush and let the kids scrub up the paint!  They had soo much fun doing this!  I think I need to get them a scrub brush more often!

What activites are you trying to do outside while it is still nice?

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