Wednesday, October 26, 2011

playing IS learning

This may be a boring blog...sorry!  :)  don't you just want to keep reading!
I am having one of those weeks where I am just not in mood to get out all the paint, painting things, paper ect.  Have the kids create a giant mess and run off to go "play" while I am left with the clean up!  Today I started feeling guilty that it was Wednesday and we really hadnt done a whole lot this week!  I pulled out my camera and started thinking...NO we have been VERY busy...busy learning!!

I use this website alot when I make my plans for the day or update the blog. I am a firm believer in the importance of play!  Being told to sit still and memorize is fun for no one!  Being told to play is fun for everyone.  I am also a HUGE fan of her!  She is amazing and someday if it weren't for a fear of large crowds I would love to be like her!  Sharing all my ideas and beliefs of children with other people that care for children on a daily basis! (maybe someday) 

Like I said this week has been a blah week!  I know I am NOT out of ideas just not feeling it this week but then i say these pics and realized the kids have been plenty busy "playing" and I should NOT feel guilty for slacking off!
Here are a few photos of the kids playing and not even realizing they are learning!

these girls kept busy for almost an hour with dry earse boards!  Writing letters, and drawing people!

here are the kids busy playing playdough!  Again this activity ended after an hour of playing!  SO much learning going on here!  The conversations, the fine motor skills!  Its sooo fun to watch! 
I decided I need to be better about taking the kids during "play" time!  When the kids are building, racing cars, playing doctor, restaurant, or hair salon, pretending to be animals at the vet, or superheros, ect!  There is NEVER a dull moment here (well maybe naptime) but its there is so much going on each day!  Trust me, we have our days where yes there is a whole lot going on but its not very productive but I do my best to turn it around! 

do you ever have those days/weeks where you feel unproductive with your kids?
Just remember as long as they are busy playing they are doing something important!
Even when they are busy getting into trouble they are probally learning!  :)

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