Tuesday, July 31, 2012


we did something crafty today!!
it just doesn't happen very often anymore :(
but the kids were being weird and driving each other nuts
which means i was going a little nuts
and since i had everything ready to go...
we got busy.

have i mentioned before that i am OBSESSED with colored glue!  
now don't go out and try find and then buy colored glue just add a little paint to your white glue bottles
or a little food coloring..both work!  i add paint!  and it just makes gluing that much more fun! 
especially if you don't care if you can see the glue because it won't dry clear! 

i have also discovered my love for paint chips!
hello its FREE!!!!  
and i just had my neighbor girl bunch 100s of holes for me and tada...
you get beautiful colored paper!! 
we have done this before with crosses and eggs and made an easter wreath HERE

i am also obsessed with this little man!  
he is really starting to LOVE his art! 
although he freaked out when his hands were full of glue and dots were stuck to that!
i laughed!

oh and i am also obsessed with this dude!  
he don't like a mess 
so once his hands are dirty he is DONE!
-- i am NOT obsessed with the diaster on the counter! who lives like that...ugh!! --

i have also started this bad habit that i make the kdis say weird and probably inappropriate things when they take a picture!
like this picture they are "boogers" 
really jill...somedays!

and in this picture they are saying "fish guts!" because that would be even more appropriate! 
but thats how i roll i guess! :)
i also can NOT spell the word appropriate if i get interrupted so i have had to use spell check a lot!

lots of creative children at this house!
here we have the rainbow fish!

here is the blue gill, and since he really didn't want to be finished gluing blues and greens on, he said
"well i have seen blue gills with colored spots so i think i will add some colorful dots!"
kids are their silly ways!

and lots of other creative, fun fishes!!

what have you made with paint chips and glue?!?