Tuesday, July 3, 2012

life news...

there is so much going on in my little world!
i don't even know where to begin!

it has been an emotional few weeks!
and right now the emotions are under control i know come August 
they will ALL be back!!

I have been blessed with this AMAZING job for 4 years!
i have amazing kids (we all have our days)
their amazing parents (who spoiled me often)
and the luxury of staying home with my own kids!

one of the first daycare photos i took
(my daughter's hair is a MESS)

i have had many little munchkins in my life

we have gone through a lot of different seasons together!

we have made endless messes
(i still find rice all over this house)

we have had lots of laughter and smiles

i have made thousands of meals

we have dressed up
(i may have dressed down ALOT!!)

we even cried, and fought!  

but overall it has been an AWESOME 4 years!!
i have sooo many faces that i will miss DEARLY!!
sweet, awesome loving little girls...i will even miss their sassy attitudes!
wild crazy boys...yes i will even miss this face!

and i will miss soooo much seeing all the little friendships blossom between kids and parents

i have pictures galore that i would love to continue to share and i would have stories about each and every child, but that would take DAYS!  
and I don't have days!

so if you haven't figured out yet what this post is trying to say
its the dreaded post of 
and a 
is starting!

i have decided to take on a new job at an amazing preschool
this was a HARD decision to make
and lots of prayers were said
and tears were shed!

but come August I will no longer be doing daycare
and not sure what will happen to this little blog yet...

the good news...well GREAT news 
is that all my families have found an AWESOME daycare!! --together!
yes my families get to stay together!!  how cool is that!?!
(maybe she will take over my blog...hint, hint!!)

you will continue to see a post here and there throughout the summer, 
but come end of summer not sure what will happen :(


  1. I love all the pics... especially Cowboy Eli!

    Your daycare parents were/are lucky to have you and HOW COOL that they are all moving together! You were worried and yet God had a plan all along!

  2. Although I am very sad knowing I won't see you as often and be able to chat as much, I am so excited to be taking on all the kiddos! I am excited for what God has in store for both of us, and you know me- I'm sure I will be blogging about our daycare... no worries:)We love you Jill!

  3. I have been following your work and I LOVED all the things you did! You gave me so much inspiration! I wish you all the best in your new job and I hope that you will continue blogging all your great ideas!