Thursday, July 26, 2012

special guest...

today it wasn't 100 degrees by 9am!
so we actually walked to the park
and enjoyed the cooler weather!

then my phone rang and i instantly felt HORRIBLE!
i totally forgot that we were going to have a special
friend come visit at 10am and it was 10:13...
thankfully there were running late, 
so we quickly headed home,
i didn't want the kids to miss out on our special guest!

when we arrived i sent the kids to the back yard
laid the sweet baby down for her morning nap!

and headed outdoors
all photos but 2 are taken by my 21month old, Eli!
the kid LOVES the camera and thankfully he actually took some good pictures
he may have taken a pic of the same thing 37 times but 
lets cut him some slack he is only 21 months old! :)

our special guest was actually a "grandma" one of my daycare moms, her 3 beautiful children
COCO!!  the bunny (not the dirty child/photographer)

"grandma" (not our grandma but the grandma of some of my daycare kiddos)
taught us soooo much about bunnies!!!  

we learned that bunnies ears are not only for hearing but for staying cool!
that a bunnies nose is always twitching, which is ADORABLE!!

we also learned that bunny teeth never stop growing!  isn't that crazy!!

we learned that when a bunny is in danger he thumps his feet
so we all made big thumping sounds with our hands!
"grandma" was AMAZING with the kids!!

Eli the photographer knew he had to take a photo or 27 of a toilet paper tube
because its one of the toys COCO plays with!!! 
how crazy is that!

here are the kids trying to get COCO to play with the toilet paper tube
but i think COCO was a tad afraid of these wild and crazy kiddos!

we have one patch of green grass in our backyard so COCO was
very excited about that since most yards are brown and yellow right now!
which is what we also learned, bunnies LOVE to eat grass, carrots, lettuce, 
and apples! 

the kids waited patiently threw a thousand different food 
items at poor COCO hoping she would eat
but she didn't care to eat today, she was maybe a little overwhelmed with all the kids!

we also learned mommy rabbits have LOTS of babies that have no fur when they are born
and that a baby rabbit is called a kitten, the kids thought that was kind of silly!

we took 49 pictures of our feet and legs during the visit of our special guest COCO!

the kids all wanted to hold and pet COCO but she was a very curious little bunny 
(which bunnies are) and she wanted to find a cool place to hang out
so we learned that she liked the cool rocks in the shade, and she liked to dig in the dirt to also stay cool!

--i took this photo not Eli, but don't worry he was screaming and crying because i took the camera away from him--
i know i didn't hear all the fun things about COCO the bunny 
but we all LOVED that she came to visit and we each got a turn to hold her!  
she was a special friend to have come visit and thank-you to COCO's "mom" 
for sharing her with us!  COCO knows who her "mom" is by smelling her! 
im not a huge animal fan but i might have to convince the hubby that we now need a pet rabbit!!!

after COCO left, the kids came inside and played rabbits and were hoping, eating, and thumping away!!

now i need to come up with a rabbit craft! :)

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