Thursday, August 2, 2012

bitter sweet

8 days
until i am done with this part of my life!

i have been an emotional rollercoaster 
(being preggers doesn't help)

one day im thinking, oh it can't come soon enough!
the next day im bawling because im not one for change!

im sad to see "my babies" go 
but im excited to start something new

but it feels weird and not normal
and soon i know the weird will turn into normal
and normal will turn into great memories!

but im also excited to share that an amazing woman will be taking over a majority of my kids
and if you enjoyed following me you will LOVE to follow her (and the kids)
and all the fun they will be having at Pepper Ridge Daycare
you can check her out HERE!!!

i am sooooo excited to be able to follow her daycare journey, 
and keep an eye on those amazing, naughty, funny, food throwing, silly, back talking, cute kids!!
i know i have truly enjoyed everyone of them 
(trust me we have all had our days as well!)

still don't know what will happen to this here blog but the wheels are spinning
and hopefully i can continue on with blogging about 
babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!!  

finally i leave you with 2 photos
my natalie and her favorite daycare baby (and only baby) wearing matching outfits!!  
you will see LOTS of this baby at Pepper Ridge Daycare Blog since this is the daycare providers baby!!

and a pile of cicada shells!  
the kids will spend all morning looking for these things, collect them in a bucket, and then count them!
but at least they are enjoying themselves!
--there were abou a dozen that blew away before i took this picture, my kids are expert cicada shell finders!--

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