Tuesday, July 10, 2012

under the sea...

part 1

we will be doing a variety of crafts on under the sea/things in the water/beach

today we made textured, smelly, 

first we started off by smashing, mashing, and crunching our cereal
(i used freaky fruits...what kind of name is that, i don't know but its an off brand)

i had pre-cut some starfish
they are really fancy!  don't be jealous of my craftiness!

and then the kiddos decorated them with colored glue
(i just squeeze a little paint into a bottle of glue!)

next we sprinkled the glue with our crushed cereal
and some of the kids licked the table clean
thats gross but i didn't stop them because in my head 
i was thinking less work for me! 
i didn't get any pictures of this fun because i was to busy doing other things
like cleaning up lunch, and feeding a baby, and getting kids to lay down when they were finished!
(note to self do crafts before lunch not after lunch!)

and finally our finished products!

of course fun was had by all when its project time!

1 comment:

  1. They look really cute! The cereal with the colored glue gave them a nice texture!