Monday, May 7, 2012

its a 2 for 1 kinda day

this is not about saving money sorry for anyone that clicked here and was hoping for some good advice!
the only advice you will get is how to accomplish a tasks and keep kids happy/entertained!

today i was laying on the floor and realized 
i need to vacuum
well my friends i think i have talked about this before
but these kids LOVE to vacuum
so i knew this was a 2 for 1 idea
my house would get clean
the kids would have fun!
so i they vacuumed!
then i remembered this idea from a training i went to awhile back ago
take a hat, tape some paint brushes to it and the hat becomes the paint brush tool!
again another 2 for 1 idea!
these are just those hats from the target dollar pin with paint brushes taped to them!

Then i knew paint brushes on a kids head
these kids would never control it and leave the mess to a small piece of paper
that is when i remembered glass doors outside need a good cleaning
so i added soap to the paint
(i know this won't get my glass doors clean but bare with me for a little bit!)
kids painting the window!
we discovered that we needed to hold onto our hats otherwise they would fall off
when we leaned over for paint!
the kids were loving this!  they thought it was awesome that i was letting them paint "my house"
the kids ran into the door often forgetting that the paint brushes were there!
it was pretty funny! 
(i guess its only funny if you think like me!)
hang on tight!
dipping in for some more paint!
i love that in the reflection you can see the kids waiting their turn very patiently!
After the kids were done with painting 
the windows needed to be cleaned!
here comes my 2 for 1!
 dirty window, becomes a fun canvas, becomes fun to clean, becomes CLEAN!
thats more like a 4 for 1 :)
and then because they were having so much fun washing the window
they went on to washing other things!
some of the kids washing the house!
toddlers playing with bubbles!
washing down the window!
even had a child that was coming in after wiping the windows with my norwex rag!
this is the face of an extremely happy toddler who loves to do anything that involves getting dirty, messy, or wet!  he was super happy until i took the water bucket away!

so cleaning got done, kids were happy!
all in all i would say that is a very successful day!

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