Monday, May 14, 2012

messy fun

i knew it was going to be a hot one today
so we headed out right after breakfast
around 8:30am

it was BEAUTIFUL!!
i really didn't want to take them back in for project time 
i brought out the paint
a bucket of soapy water
paint brushes, tooth brushes 
and an old towel i cut up

and the kids were BUSY!
painting the house
(i added dish soap to the paint so i knew the paint would come off easily)
painted the big window
(it needs to be cleaned!!!!!)
the kids think this is the coolest thing that i let them paint the big window!
playing in a soapy bucket of water
oh, hello little friend!
today was not only childcare but puppycare 
we had a little visitor for a couple days and we will be so sad to see her go!
she was an excellent dog!!
these two boys were soaked!!  and loving every single minute of it!
i think as long as they have a car or a bucket of water they are content!
soapy bucket of water is a treat!
work in progress before the kids decided it was time to wash it all off!
more painting and brushing going on!
i would have never guessed that 
dish rags in soapy water+ toddlers = happy busy boys!
wringing out the rags was about the only thing this little man did for a good 30 minutes!
washing the house!

so friends get out some soapy paint, some soapy water and let the kids have fun making a mess and then cleaning that mess back up again!  i have a feeling this will become a weekly project at this daycare!

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