Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Today I am going to do a link out of my normal links that I do!

Thankyou Megan for this link!
I love megans blog because its different from a majority of the other blogs I read, and she is just the cutest sweetest thing ever!
I have been wanting to join for awhile but never do so here goes...

Sometimes : I want a quiet desk job...
Always:  I am thankful for the time I get to be have with my own children and to "mom" I get to be to "my other children".

Sometimes:  I think about calling in sick...
Always:  I am reminded about that one time I did call in sick when I wasn't and then I really did get sick so I work instead!

Sometimes:  I don't do the dishes till the end of the day...
Always:  I kick myself because with a daycare it takes 2-3 days for my dishwasher to catch up when I do that!

Sometimes: I want to turn the TV on and walk away!
Always:  I am reminded that God doesn't want me to be the daycare lady that sits her kids in front of the TV so I better figure out a plan and have these kids do some LEARNING!
(i will admit last week we watched WAY TO MUCH TV...I apologize!!! but it was PBS!)

Sometimes: I forget to put vegetables on the kiddos plate for lunch
Always:  I don't care because I hate veggies as much as they do, and I hate being two-faced and making them take one bite and I hate watching all the uneaten food be thrown away!
(I promise this only happens like once a week, its a treat for everyone!)

What do you Sometimes do/think but Always think/do afterwards!


  1. I hate veggies too! When I worked in a preschool I was very understanding about what they did/didn't like because I remember being forced to eat things I didn't want!

  2. Veggies being a treat = too cute! But I know what you mean.

  3. Awwww, I love what you said about not wanting to just put the kids in front of the tv. Those kids are lucky to have you to teach them and love them and watch them. You're so sweet!

    Thanks for linking up with me! You did so good!

  4. This sounds just like my love/hate relationship with veggies... I am pretty sure that I will have to hide the faces I make when I have kids and need to make them eat theirs.