Monday, February 6, 2012


One of our daycare friends is sick and in the hospital!
Its such a bummer!
They have been there for almost a week and not seeing a lot of progress on our friend!
So today we looked at pics of Coyer in the hospital!
We prayed for him
we talked about the things that make Coyer happy
-wearing a super hero cape, drumming, scooby doo, playing fighter, and the color pink (i think every boy favorite color is pink at one point in their life) 
and then we drew pictures for him!

Here are a couple of the pictures the kids drew!
I was VERY impressed with their creativness and drawings!

Tonight I plan on swinging by the hospital to drop off a
goodie basket and pictures from the daycare kiddos! 
They all wanted to go with, but I told them that we just have to many different germs
and can't share them with Coyer right now...they were bummed but understood!

Get better soon Buddy we miss you!!
Please pray for Coyer that he will get better and come back to daycare soon!
If you want to read his progress go The Fergen Family

P.S. Today is my birthday and I may or may not have had the kids sing happy birthday at least a dozen times...the benefits of working with kids!!!  :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! And I hope the little guy gets better soon!!! I am sure your basket is going to make his day!