Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogging Break Catch up!

I took a break from blogging the last couple days
1. I wasn't in the mood
2. We didn't do anything to exciting!
and then I decided it doens't need to be exciting to blog about
I am blogging to share!

So Wednesday we did 2 different stations
(these kids are obsessed with doing stations right now so I am rolling with it!)

At station one they painted with Yarn

At station two they painted with popsicle sticks

It was weird because the group that did the yarn station first didn't really enjoy it but LOVED the popsicle station, and the kids that did the popsicle station first seemed bored but painted FOREVER with the yarn!  Kids are so crazy sometimes!

On Thursday we did this
But its all I can share with you for now! 
You will learn more next week!
I know the anticpation is killing you right...or not :)

Last night the hubby ordered pizza
(i had left the house in a hurry and didn't prepare any meals or leftovers so that means order pizza)
anyways I LOVE to marlbe paint when I have pizza boxes!
And what kid doesn't love to shake a box with marbles inside as crazy as they want!!
dumping the painted marbles in the box

giving the box a good shake!
finsihed product!
one more shake for good measure!  :)

And Finally I leave you with my little computer nerd!
(and yes he is playing with a barbie computer, but thats what you get when your older sister is a girl!)

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  1. I remind myself sometimes that if others find it exciting, that's great, but that's not my goal! I blog for myself, as a journal, to share with family...

    The kids were probably "bored" at their first station because they wanted to see what they other kids were doing at the other station, LOL!

    I never thought of marble painting with pizza boxes so they could get some good shaking it!

  2. AW...I love the last picture! Funny...we had pizza for dinner and the empty box is sitting next to me...great idea!