Wednesday, June 27, 2012

keeping busy

It has been a busy few weeks over here!  
here is a post that is overloaded with pictures!
when you soak crayons in water, the paper comes right off!

then you shave the crayons!

but first make the kids take all the paper off the crayons!
(i think they actually enjoyed this part the most!)

i don't have pictures of them grating the crayons because i needed 
to be there so fingers didn't get grated!

we then ironed the crayons.
and then it was a total flop! :)
but fun was had even though flop!

shaving cream!!!
it NEVER gets old!!!

all ages enjoy this!

its always messy!  
shaving cream is also an easy clean up!

we did some bug stamping!

we did some bead work!

best invention ever!
a whole group of kids, not speaking
not fighting, whining, or crying.

it keeps them busy for over an hour
(especially the older kids)

so sweet, calm, and busy!





  1. I picked up an old salad shooter at a garage sale. Makes grating crayons a snap!!