Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lets Talk About Felt

I LOVE felt board stories and so do the kiddos!  I am not gonna lie, I kinda forgot about felt for awhile and then thanks to pinterest I have been super busy making LOTS of felt board stories!  I will be sharing a couple with you today.  I think I might have to start something like Felt Board Friday...hmmmmm...
Frist off my felt board is the back of a white board.  Very easy to make I just got some felt and used push pins to hold it to the back of the white board.  This way I can use the baord for multiple things! 

This first one is 5 Red Apples
i am not an artist!
The second one is 5 little Monkeys.
 This one I printed pictures of a monkey and an alligator, but then I use the same tree that I made for 5 Red Apples.  I colored and then used contact paper so they will last longer and glued some felt to the back!  I let the kidlets take turns being the alligator and snapping the monkeys off the tree!
Finally I am going to share this one.  Its not a story or a song, and remember I am NOT an artist, the kids don't care how bad it is so I hope you don't care as well!
I made felt people and clothes (kinda like a paper doll) Let me tell ya I pull this bad boy out and I have kids quiet as ever dressing and undressing these dolls forever!  Girls and BOYS love this activity!!
I snapped a few pics of Natalie playing with it this morning!

My people dont have faces...its a work in progress people! 
Notice how they are all holding hands!  I love my little girl!!

Hit the road, Happy Toad!

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