Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baking 101

Today was baking day!!  I have decided to bake at least once a week with the kids.  Last week we made rolo cookies and this week we made lemon burst cookies!  The kids love helping and learning about recipies and measuring.  I am a horrible baker but now when things dont turn out I can blame it on the kids! 
Today we made Lemon Burst Cookies (thank-you pinterest)
Only 4 ingredients!
A box of lemon cake mix,coolwhip, an egg, and missing from the picture is the powdered sugar!

Crack open egg!  Today was one of the kids first attempts at cracking an egg and he did awesome!  No shells went in!! 
Add the coolwhip!  Yummo!  Of course lick the container clean and when kids say "Hey can I have a lick?" say "bummer it already has my germs!"  yes i did this!  I LOVE coolwhip and I have a hard time sharing it!!  Also let the kids slowly scoop it in one scoop at a time because it means the kids are having fun!

Add cake mix!   I know this is really hard to follow but try your best to keep up! :)
Form into balls and roll in the powdered sugar.  The mixture is REALLY sticky so making balls is a little difficult but we did our best!
Bake the balls at 350 degrees for about 15 mins maybe longer or shorter depending on the size of the balls you make!  We had a large variety of different size balls so they all baked at different times! 
Let the kids do this because you feel bad for licking the coolwhip bowl clean!  :)

Can't stay, Blue Jay!

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